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Star sign: Aries
Likes: Dancing, Aerials, Pole Dancing, Beach, Laughing
Dislikes: People taking themselves too seriously.
Favourite song to dance to: Any song with strong accents. It makes a trick stand out when you can hit it on a clear beat.

Little background info:
Dancing is my passion so I have been doing it my whole life, I have trained in numerous styles of dance from Jazz to Flamenco (not that I would say I could flamenco dance convincingly) but I love to give every style a go. I have been training in pole and aerials since the end of 2010 and have loved every minute of it!

Why do you love to pole dance/teach:
Dancing is like a drug to me, the I love the feeling you get just before you are about to perform, whether it’s on a stage or just in class in the studio, I love being able to have fun and let go. People love to surf because they love the freedom they have when on a wave; that’s how I feel about dancing. The sense of accomplishment when you finally learn a new trick is also a great, being able to share that feeling and seeing it in someone else’s face when you teach them something new is even better than being able to do it yourself. I love the sense of pride I get when I teach my girls a routine and see them having fun and enjoying themselves.

Tips for your students to bring out their feline prowess: If you don’t feel silly then you’re not moving enough! We’re all here for the same reason so just have fun and let go (of your worries, not the pole….)


Star sign: Cancer
Likes: Pole dancing, hand lettering, surfing, contortion, reading books and my cat!
Dislikes: Weak coffee.
Favourite song to dance to: Dirrty by Christina Aguilera

Little background info:
Hi! I’m Aurelie, lettering artist, graphic designer, coconut yoghurt enthusiast, surf student, and all-round lover of squeezing every bit of zest of life possible (oh and pole dancing, I LOVE pole dancing). My number one mission in life is getting people to show up and achieve their goals. To just work through what’s holding them back and keep practicing.

What you love about teaching:
I have worked with hundreds of design and pole dancing students, and I am obsessed with seeing people make improvements (however big or small) and get addicted to seeing results! What I know for sure is it’s a combination of mindset, self-belief and also… accountability.

Favourite thing about yourself: I’m multi-passionate.


Star sign: Pisces
Likes: The ocean, music, dancing, being wild, my friends and family, laughing and allll the shoes.
Dislikes: Not laughing, people telling me what to do when I’m not ok with it lol, rain, basic bitches.
Fave song to dance to: My favourites are ALWAYS changing. Atm it’s Ring by Cardi B and Kehlani.

Little background info:
I started working as a Sports Massage therapist in London many years ago and while pregnant with my second son I discovered the endless benefits of Pilates. I studied while living there, then moved to Australia with my little family and enjoy teaching so much.
I used to do aerial silks, then when I discovered pole my life changed for the better and I never looked back….the friends I have made, the outfits the shoesssss brings to so much fun and passion to my life.

What you love about teaching:
I love the challenge of figuring out what makes people tick and how to communicate with them. The joy I find in seeing people become stronger and more mobile is endlessly rewarding.

Favourite thing about yourself:
I think the thing I pride myself in most is being approachable, having a wicked sense of humour I hope people understand 😉 and having a deep sense of empathy.


Star sign: Pisces
Likes: Challenges of all kinds
Dislikes: Being sick
Favourite song to dance to: Any kind of sexy and sensual music

Little background info:
Bachelor of Teaching, Cert 3 in fitness; Fly Gym Level 1 instructor; Tacfit and Clubbell Athletics instructor and pole dancing for 4 years.

Why do you love to pole dance/teach:
I enjoy sharing the journey that each student goes through. It’s never easy but I know that each student can become stronger, sexier and more flexible both mentally and physically during this journey.

Tips for your students to bring out their feline prowess: Practice and recover! Don’t compare yourself to anyone else but take notes on how far you have come.


Star sign: Scorpio
Likes: Surfing, My dog, Margaritas, and I LOVE dancing!
Dislikes: Spiders, single use plastics, and hand washing dishes
Favourite song to dance to: At the moment anything and everything from Chris Brown

Little background info:
Dancing started at the age of 5 for me. I continued to grow my dance styles and skills. Attending the prestigious Brent Street Studios for full time Performing Arts. Dancing all over the globe for exciting events and company launches in commercial dance and pole dance styles. In 2014 I won the Australian national title Miss Pole Dance Australia.
I moved North from Sydney in 2016 and started instructing at Pole Catz. Which is now Studio Eden. I got back into my dance background with Floor Work and went on to win two Floor Play QLD titles in 2017 & 2018. I’m still currently embracing all of my dance experience from over 32 years & teaching and still dancing for myself & passing it all onto you guys.

What you love about teaching:
I love feeling the energy of the students excitement about something I’ve created specifically to share with them. And then the energy they bring to that routine.

Favourite thing about yourself: I like that I am adaptable


Star sign: Scorpio
Likes: Reading, beach walks & making memes.
Dislikes: Scary movies, reverse parallel parking.
Favourite song to dance to: Quick Music Doodles by Two Feet

Little background info:
Originally from Melbourne, Yoga and Pilates teacher.

What you love about teaching:
The thing I love most about teaching is, empowering women to feel sexy and get fit in a supportive environment.

Favourite thing about yourself: Humour. I’m always up for laugh!


Coming Soon…


Star sign: Taurus
Likes: Health, fitness, good food and good vibes
Dislikes: Cooked tomatoes
Favourite song to dance to: anything with a good beat

Little background info:
I’ve always been passionate about fitness. I didn’t know that pole dancing was a sport and went with my sister to see how it was, starting without any dance or gymnastics experience I couldn’t even touch my toes in pike.
I instantly fell in love, and stuck around. I have since gained accredited certification to enhance my skills.

What you love about teaching:
Helping a student achieve their goals whether it’s the little things, or having the opportunity to watch them grow, both in strength and confidence.

Favourite thing about yourself: I’m always looking for ways to grow and improve myself.


Coming Soon…

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